Friday, November 24, 2006

Israel and Lebanon below the fold

Lots of naive people in the US say the US needs to talk to Syria and Iran to calm down Iraq, who just had over 100 people killed in a typical Alqaeda like car bomb attack. (not insurgency, merely killing people to kill people).

But Syria just assassinated another Christian leader in Lebanon, so it doesn't look like they are honest in seeking peace.

What is Syria's aim? Check this discussion. VDHanson calls it an "Archduke Ferdinand moment.

Jimmy Carter, who gave us the Iranian mullahs, now says all the problems are the Jews fault...Alan Dershowitz begs to differ.

historian John Keegan discusses exactly what a civil war is, and is not.

This, of course, will not be read by the MSM who is busy spinning against Bush and Iraq by painting things as badly as possible and by ignoring history and context. Social historian James Q Wilson analyzes the data HERE

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