Saturday, May 19, 2012

Stories below the fold (all of which have religion "ghosts")

Sorry to post stories on weekends, when I usually post humor, but some of these stories are important and seem to be dumped on a weekend so no one will notice it.

 Most of them seem to have a "religion ghost" to use a phrase from GetReligion blog.

Egypt's election seems to be about religion, but the ordinary folks are worried about jobs and job creation.
They note that folks want a gov't in line with Islamic law, but not an Islamicist government.

 What's the difference? Islamicist means the Mullahs or Immans decide the law based on Sharia, an Islam inspired government allows seculars to make the law, but allows them to be inspired by their religion.

The US is going through a similar argument now about the place of religion in a secular society, and if the government can require religious people and religious institutions to cooperate with contraception, abortion and gay marriage.


Globlogizationblog, which usually comments on international affairs, sees minorities and women backing Obama, and adds:
All three of those major minority groups tilt decisively toward Dems, and racially-tinged political messages simply reinforce that reality and perhaps lock it in for the longer term.  Simply put, as a polity, America is past all that nonsense.
And the fact that the Republicans are considering it - even among just their fringe hardcore elements - signals just how bereft of ideas and leadership and vision they really are.
And that is a very sad day for this republic, because, quite frankly, Obama does not deserve a second term and it won't be any better than the first.
GMA news reports $28.5 million dollars were raised to help the UNPopulation fund ...some of this will  to clinics, but much of it will go to train activists and bribe politicians to push the government to pass the RH Bill...
He noted the fund will be used for “capacity-building” training and “data gathering” in partnership with the Philippine government.
Ah, but where did they get the money? From rich politicians who stole it from the people (or whose wealth comes from owning feudal plantations which pay small wages to their workers?) Or did they get the funding from rich outside foundations from the US and EU? Or did they get it from US Taxpayers under the guise of "Foreign aid"?

the use of the word "mobilized" suggests the money comes from outside sources: UN dues, 22 percent of which comes from US taxpayers, and from "voluntary contributions", many of which come from the US taxpayers too.

Can we say "neocolonialsm", children?

Wikipedia notes their broad agenda, mixing good with bad, and that Bush cut funding to protest their funding of forced abortion in China. But Obama restored the money. (which is why he and his MSM minions ignored the Chen story...Chen's human rights activism included providing dataabout forced abortions).

This might give you some insight why Pacquiao was hit by a planned ambush  for "anti gay bigotry".(discussed in FilAm Malkin's article).

Pacquiao is a likely future president of the Philippines, so he has to be carefully trained to follow the agenda of the NWO or he'll be removed like Erap...

of course, it's not just people like Pacman being hit by the PC police: Supsup lost the Miss Universe crown for saying she'd put God before her boyfriend, and even Donna Summer was boycotted for stating her Christian beliefs...


If the EU drops Greece, Russia may come to the rescue.
Their link: Orthodoxy, and a long history of Russia's defense of local Orthodox believers in Greece and the Balkans against Muslim Turks...which is why Bill Clinton's bombing of Serbia upset Russia.

Then there are those natural gas deposits off Cyprus... helped by an Israel who is no longer the buddy of Turkey due to the Turkish turn toward Islamic extremism...

 Genocidal ecofascism? Instapundit has links. Treehugger admits there are some but resents all environmentalists being smeared by saying they are the same as the fringe groups.

Pallative care that controls pain including terminal sedation is not the same as euthanasia.

Yeah, I know. The bad part of this is that the PC push to kill the suffering has resulted in some docs being accused of killing people by their relatives because they sedated them to relieve pain or stopped treatment that wasn't working (as opposed to futile care theory, which sometimes includes stopping treatment that might work but the patient will be left handicapped)

1. Futility is not a medical determination; it is a value judgment. Treatment is refused  based on “quality of life” judgmentalism and/or “cost-benefit” analysis.


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