Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Cause of illness; suggestion. Treatment? Green poultice

NewScientist has a nice article about diseases caused by windfarms.

the problem?

"Firstly, there are the temporal problems. Wind farms appeared some 20 years ago in the US. There are now just shy of 200,000 turbines globally. But the first recorded claims that they caused disease came a decade later. Two rural doctors, one in the UK and the other in Australia, made claims repeated widely in newspapers but never published in any journal. Turbines have come to be blamed for chronic conditions like (amazingly) lung and skin cancer, diabetes, multiple sclerosis and stroke. But importantly also acute symptoms, that according to Australia's high priestess of wind turbine syndrome, Sarah Laurie, an unregistered doctor, can commence within 20 minutes of exposure. If true, what happened in the early complaint-free years?"

reminds me of an anecdote about putting tiny amounts of fluoride in the water to prevent tooth decay. That too was a big conspiracy theory  (Even getting the main paranoid in Dr Strangeglove to spout about fluorides).

So one town, after a loud (but tiny) group objecting to fluoridation found indeed that shortly after the start day, large numbers of people started complaining and sueing the town for their "illnesses"...after about six weeks of this, the town announced that unfortunately, due to technical problems, the date of adding flouride to the water had been postponed...meaning the complaints were either fake, or from the power of suggestion.

Indeed, the NS article notices that the "green poultice" ( settlement) seems to cure the problem.

Now, I know about the bird problem, but the number of birds killed is a lot fewer than those killed by kitty cat.

And although wind per se can cause illnesses (by blowing dust and fungus present in soil into the air), there is no proof that these high windmills do that, because they are too high to move the wind at ground level. In other words, the effect of high winds might be illness but not the passive windmills.

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