Monday, November 19, 2012

Magellan had it coming

Tea at Trianon Blog has a book review about Magellan.

Yes, the Philippines is mentioned there too:

By the end of their adventures in South East Asia, where Magellan was hacked to pieces in the Philippines by an irate chieftain, there was only one ship left out of the original five. The caravel Victoria was sailed back to Spain by the Basque captain Juan Sebastian Elcano, amid many hardships. 

Of course locals remember it a little differently:

The plaque is a bit ingeneous: He wasn't planning to invade, just get restocked in food and water. But his men, once they were recovered from scurvy, decided to enjoy the delights of local Pinays, and their men got a bit annoyed.

On the other hand, Magellan did leave a legacy behind him: The Santo Nino de Cebu.

and LapuLapu? His name is commemorated in the most delicious local fish.

And factoid of the day:

Magellan wasn't Spanish, he was Portuguese (he only worked for the Spanish).

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