Friday, November 16, 2012

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TPM Barnett, a globalist, notes how malaria has now returned to Greece, and comments:
Malaria still existed throughout much of the US in the 1930s/40s.  Since then it has gotten much warmer throughout the US.  But malaria is basically gone now.  Why?  Rising incomes.
So the point on global warming is, it'll create real problems wherever states and societies don't have the money to deal with the challenges - such as insect migration.
Now take a look at this chart from the WSJ and realize what happens when incomes fall - and how quickly.
 BBC article on how Malaria contributed to poor health, miscarriages and child mortality in ancient Rome, maybe contributing to it's fall. Apparently it was brought with the Egyptian grain shipments, and infected locals, partly due to local swamps.
Key to Coluzzi's ideas was the thriving trade throughout the Mediterranean region during Roman times. Coluzzi believes that one way the malaria reached mainland Italy was by cargo ship. Passengers on the boats could be carrying the malaria in their bloodstream even before showing symptoms. The water barrel on board could contain mosquito larvae.
so why didn't they just drain the swamps? They did:

Malaria article about the Pontine swamps and malaria from Pop Sci, 1876 edition. 

this was written before it was recognized that the culprit was the mosquito...but they noticed how construction/disturbed land, swamps, higher rainfall, and night air all led to more malaria, and that draining the swamp lessened the disease.


A Toxic sea led to Devonian extinction? No, not the dinosaur or the Permian extinction: a different one that affected mainly sea creature.

Climate change and a devastating meteorite have both been fingered as causes for the decimation of marine life during the late Devonian period.
But research published in a recent issue of the journal Geology suggests the extinction occurred as a result of a toxic ocean, devoid of oxygen.
"We think there was anoxia, where toxic levels of hydrogen sulfide are released into the zone where light penetrates into the ocean," says organic geochemist Professor Kliti Grice, of Curtin University.
"A modern analogue of the conditions that existed at this time is the Black Sea."
Wikipedia article HERE.

but they don't know the cause....

Dream symbols could help pscyhotherapy. Heh. this theory is a bit old and is now being pushed again.

Yes, dream symbols can help psychotherapy, but psychotherapy is not very helpful for treating mental disease. If done correctly, it can lead to insight, but so can religion and philosophy and the arts. But the writer is pushing Jungian (as opposed to Freudian) theory to be recognized as a therapy to help the mentally ill...follow the money?

I hate to say it, but the new health care payments and the stress on practice "efficiency", will push us into giving out drugs instead of counseling, because the drugs act faster and are more efficient. So this is a study trying to insist we  should be reimbursed if we use old fashioned methods too.

The unconscious brain can read and do math.

tell that to your teacher when he catches you mapping in class.

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