Wednesday, November 28, 2012

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vote for Malala as person of the year.

and in the UK,the Pakistanis in the UK threatening to give her a death fatwa: actually they have denied it is a threat, saying they are only "investigating" her, but you get the idea... ironically, the idea is being pushed by a UK Islamicist who is living on welfare....

and a local blogger notes that the local press is saying Malala is a fake to smear her name...


Hate MSWord?
I use open office, but SenseOfEvents says try Libre office.

And yes, I always used word perfect, not MSWord, on my other computers, but can't afford it on this one. Heck, I can't even afford to keep the MSWord that came as a trial offer on this computer.


Factoid of the day:

  • Studies of y-chromosomal and mitochondrial DNA indicate that a majority of Icelanders are descended from Scandinavian men and Celtic women, as a result of Viking slave raids on Ireland.
and the Irish women weren't the only women they brought along with them: LINK

 Attention kids:

You can now find the Hobbit in Latin.

Father Z is ecstatic.

Probably the real problem is finding a school that teaches Latin. This wasn't a problem in the past (I took both Latin and German in high school, and thanks to the Latin I picked up Spanish quickly, and it also helped with the anatomy terms in medical school).

so where can you find a Latin class on line?

quite a few on line courses LINK LINK
the Cambridge course has videos on youtube.

and Mythgard's course is accredited...

no, I'm not going to take the course...I'm still struggling with Tagalog.

the deepest rift on earth Idaho?
A huge preserve located in the Snake River Plan in Central Idaho, Craters of the Moon is protected because of the area's many volcanic features that represent one of the best preserve flood basalt areas in the continental United States. At an average elevation of nearly 6,000 feet, Craters of the Moon encompasses three major lava fields and nearly 400 square miles of sagebrush steppe grasslands.
Visitors flock to this protected area to see the lava fields, which all sit along the Great Rift of Idaho. Some of the open rift cracks are among the best known anywhere in the world, including the deepest rift on Earth, which measures 800 feet. More than two dozen volcanic cones represent lava flows from between 15,000 and 2,000 years ago.

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