Saturday, December 08, 2012

Audio downloads of the week

Yes, since the mayan "WAGD" date is coming up, you might want to check these out from Librivox:

Food Preparedness

A short pamphlet from WWI, first describing basic nutrition, then discussing what foods may be substituted during food shortages without loss of nutrition.
People nowadays are probably not aware of the severe food shortages in Europe during and after both world wars: partly due to the naval blockades (as in the UK) and partly due to fighting, and then the post war Chaos.
The collapse of the Hapsburg dynasty after WWI led to economic chaos and hunger, for example: My aunt reports eating tree bark in Austria. During WWII, some of the nuns I worked with in Africa confessed to me that they ate dogs...

In a less gloomy book, read about bugs at Insect stories.


Today's Korean History podcast is part one of the Japanese invasion of the First Great Asian War.

When you hear propaganda about the evil west or evil "religion", just point them to this podcast, showing how "civilized" Asians fight.
The fight was between the Japanese samurai and they didn't really want Korea, they just wanted to invade China and Korea stood in their way.

Videolink shows some of the modern weapons used

And this is the war where Admiral Yi and his turtle ships essentially stopped the invasion by destroying their ability to get supplies (they had destroyed the local crops to punish the locals and guess what? nothing to eat) ...Yi's life was made into a popular local Korean serial on can watch it on youtube...

above is episode 57 where the Japanese invade Korea.

addendum: Ignatius press is releasing a new book on Tolkien and Lewis...they also post a video of author Michael Brown discussing Catholic fiction.
youtube link

Don't think it's in the same box as the "left behind" series. Catholic fiction includes the historical romance of post Viking days by Kristin Lavransdattir, the black humor of Flannery O'Connor, the sardonic musing of Walker Percy, the gay friendly book of Brideshead Revisited, , the R rated romances of Andrew Greeleyand the spy novels of the leftist sympathizer Graham Greene.

Tolkien, like the Anglo Saxons (including Alfred the Great and the author of the Beowulf) was able to mix the good parts of the northern legends with the hope of Christianity. 

So when you see "holy cards" with the ever effeminate St Michael the Archangel, remember that in LOTR, Gandalf is an angel incarnate, and able to pack quite a punch with his staff....(and Andrew Greeley has the angels rescuing one of his heroines dressed like Navy SEALS).

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