Sunday, December 23, 2012

Hobbit stuff

CWN film review of the hobbit film.

After watching The Hobbit a second time (yes, a second time), I realized that this story calls its characters to poverty and humility—which in the end prove to be greater than power or glory. This seems most apparent not only in Bilbo’s character, but also in Thorin. The dwarves have already lost their home and their wealth, and Bilbo must learn to abandon his own home and everything and everyone he loves. His apparent lack of stature and power also prove to be more useful than Thorin or any of the dwarves originally thought. As Gandalf explains to Galadriel, it is not great power that will conquer evil, but the small and ordinary things

Holly Ordway at Hieropraxis suggests giving the book with Tolkien's letters or with Flannery O'Connor's letters for Christmas.

I can't find Flannery, but you can find the Tolkien letters in a pdf book HERE on line (until the copyright cops find it).

related item: Galadriel as the power behind the scenes.

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