Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Neocolonialsim posts of the day

China may be owed a lot of money by the USA, but it works both ways:

TPMBarnett points out that they import a lot of food from the US and comments on an FT Article

The key line of the piece:
China still has an official policy that mandates 95 percent self-sufficiency - a policy known as the "red line" - but recent comments suggest that the insistence on self-sufficiency is waning.
The US is waking up to China as THE ag export market.  Nebraska's top ag official
Not noted: That China is investing in African agriculture to grow and export food.

Can you say "neocolonialsim" children?

Neocolonialism take two:

I made a sarcastic comment on one of the local newspapers commenting that since PNoy bowed to our American masters and passed the RH bill, does that mean they will now help us to defend our coastlines? (In the latest meeting in Burma, Obama told us we had to settle the disputes with China without the help of the USA).

(and Wikileaks spilled the beans about where most of  the money is coming from to bribe encourage passage of the RH Bill)...

So today from Google News:

Philippines House passes reproductive health bill

CNN - ‎16 hours ago‎
(CNN) -- Lawmakers on Monday approved legislation calling for government-funded contraception and sex education classes in the Philippines, a first in the heavily Catholic nation. "Our legislature took an historic vote today for women and families as ...

US drastically expanding military presence in the Philippines

RT - ‎3 hours ago‎
The US will significantly increase its military presence in the Philippines - an announcement that has angered China, whose Communist Party chief urged his military to prepare for a struggle and whose state-run media have criticized the agreement.
Uh, fellahs, I was joking...


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