Friday, December 21, 2012

Science nonsense being promoted as religion

The "creationists" who think the world was made in 6 days get scorned, but why do universities sponsor speakers saying things like this?

 The discovery of evolution implies a profound revolution in human
thinking and action. Ursula King, Professor Emerita of Theology and
Religious Studies, University of Bristol, explores the implications of
this new consciousness for religion, society, and consciousness. She
describes the work of the French paleontologist and religious thinker
Pierre Teilhard de Chardin who sought a new spirituality for a world in

She is speaking about the latest religious fad in the elites: if you meditate the right way (tapes are now available for two payments of $259 or one payment of $497 from your credit card.) you too can join those leading the world into a new consciousness that will lead to utopia. WTF?  So when Hubbard tells the new age nuns that they are leaders of this evolution, you can understand why the Vatican got pissed.

DNA change?
Give me a break. If the DNA is changing, it will be done by transhumanists, not by flaky women who meditate. 
as for Chardin: 

 Stephen Gould's take: for someone involved in a huge "scientific discovery" (as it was assumed at the time) Chardin was curiously silent in his writings after 1920.

Did he "salt" the finds or help his friends salt the finds, or just keep quiet on spilling the beans for 30 years?

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