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Spin Spin Spin *(plus rants). Ignore please


yup propaganda...

..I  suspect whatever caused the back pain was the cause of the sepsis: and have written about the differential diagnosis on my rant blog...however, one should note that the docs followed  the AAFP guidelines for PROM


We are expecting similar propaganda here since the RH bill is now suddenly back in the news.It is about population control, not maternal child health, and will fine medical personnel and employers if they don't push the pill or dare to advise against it. THAT should improve the ability to recruit Catholic and Muslim midwives for isolate rural areas (not)...
Note: 30 percent give birth without a trained attendant,...and folks die here all the time because they can't afford antibiotics or high blood pressure medicine...
 My solution? Village Pill ladies, which worked for us in Zimbabwe and worked wonders in Bangladesh...and if the Catholics wants NFP to be used, they can teach it at every parish...
And the schools here are now pushing promiscuity under the guise of "sex ed", using the "huge increase in the rate of HIV" to justify it...
The Joint United Nations Program on HIV/AIDS or UNAIDS has noted that while elsewhere HIV/AIDS growth rates have declined, the Philippines and Bangladesh have posted at least 25% increase from 2001 to 2009 (UNAIDS 2011).
25% growth? Gasp! Except...they are lying with statistics.
Wikipedia reports that the Philippines had 10,600 cases...since many cases are unreported, it's probably double that...yet Thailand has a  million cases of HIV and is cited as a "success story"...:( is it the culture or the Tuli?  check map to see differences..)

The absolute numbers remain low, and the increase is mainly in our OFW and local gays who cruise in Manila...

Speaking of hate: The pope now has a twitter account, but the haters have already gotten busy filling it with the usual hate.

and GetReligion notes the cheerleading by the press to push gay marriage, but that they never bother to discuss what marriage, gender, or sexuality means, and how imposing a new morality could affect society.

The press pretends it's only about gays, but it's really about Julia, a single isolated woman who gets through life with government supplying her every need, not relying on family or spouse. For when you destroy all intermediate institutions such as family and churches, your only hope is the Leviathan..

And it will result in churches that support self control as being seen as hate speech, never mind that Confucius said the same thing.

WMD? What WMD? If Hillary says it, it must be true.
You mean some of those trucks seen carrying supplies from Saddam to Syria before the Iraq war might have been carrying WMD's?

And is the US secretly arming the rebels?  Fox asked that six weeks ago, but never  mind, only racists raise such questions that go against this official claim:
Up to now, the United States has opposed military intervention or providing arms support to Syria's rebels for fear of further militarizing a conflict...
 As StrategyPage points out: 700 thousand refugees and counting, and if Assad goes, the next civil war will be the locals vs the radicals, whose ranks include many who are al queda linked foreigners experienced in war.

and I had to laugh: Only Ralph Nader is honest enough to notice that Obama is just as bad as Bush when it comes to war.

No, I don't agree with him, but at least he is honest about being anti war: The rest of those who made a frenzy against Bush were merely posturing for political reasons....
The UK Mail has had a few articles about the overuse of the Liverpool pathway, (which was originally devised to be used for patients in pain with terminal cancer) and the UKMail notes they are now using the "protocol" to kill handicapped infants..

The usual sardonic Dustbury says:
Medical practitioners being fond of cutesy acronyms and such, I suggest something like Seems Nearly Unhealthy: Finalize (SNUF).
Well, why not? The medical rationing board/death panel in the UK is named (I kid you not) NICE...

a little less dismal news is in the papers too:

Guess who is pregnant?

Best wishes to her and the family.

some watching the hobbit complained of dizzy spells.

I felt the same way the first time I watched an IMax movie...it felt like I was in a car moving with the camera...so I wonder: Is it the increase frame rate to blame, or because it was IMax?

So take a Meclizine before viewing if you are prone to motion sickness.

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