Wednesday, December 12, 2012

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Gizmodo answers the question of the day:
What do those strange symbols on your gadgets mean?

Gizmodo also has a list of various Christmas (non) trees for the lazy.

Well, because of our allergies, we had the first "artificial" tree in our neighborhood when few folks had them, but I do think that the tree looking like a coat rack loses a bit of the symbolism of "treeishness" (that life, in this case a pine tree, stays green even in the darkest time of the year, i.e. as a symbol of hope).


And if it's Christmas, it must be time for the latest anti Christan blasphemy to be paraded as "daring and original" on NPR and similar sites. This one hits Mary, a gentle lady beloved of 3 billion Christians and Muslims and even some Wiccans....

And Mark Shea has a wonderfully snarky review:
In terms of content, the book is a by-the-numbers hatchet job written in sensitive, spare, and poetic diction for the delectation of UK and New York Chattering Classes and dipped in a bath of relentless, willful sadness and bitterness. The basic premise is that it has been 20 years since the crucifixion, and Mary is one nasty hag, sounding for all the world like a nun in iron grey, short-cropped hair and sensible shoes who has seized the microphone in a We Are Church group process breakout session and is now on the third hour of an extended free association monologue, grousing bitterly about the patriarchy. 

or, as one of the comments says; Why don't you tell us what you REALLY think Mark?


related item: Santa Claus on a couch.
Dr. Cluley put forward his thesis : The organization of Santa: fetishism, ambivalence and narcissism   (US$32.00 for non-subscribers). The abstract explains:
The article argues that parents’ role in this organization of Santa can be understood through the psychoanalytic concepts of fetishism, ambivalence and narcissism. The article concludes that parents’ misinform their children about Santa in order to meet their own narcissistic wishes. They organize a world based on an image they wish were true as if it were true.


 the Taliban are trying to forbid the smart phones in Afghanistan.
 The really bad news is a drip drip drip of reports of attacks on doctors and others, especially women, trying to help the local people. 
Maybe we should just give the place back to the Persians who used to run the place.

 StrategyPage has a history lesson on who's who running the place in the past...


Obesity is going down among white kids in the US, and TPM Barnett praises Michelle for helping to educate people in what to eat.

Pregnant? Just roll up into a ball and stay safe for nine months:

 Avoid plastic bottles, insecticides, broken lightbulbs, refilling your car with gasoline, mercury containing fish, smoking, drinking, etc.etc.etc....

and don't change the cat litter..

actually, exposure to chemicals is a major problem, first noticed in nurse anesthetists back in 1974 pdf...

headsup Momjones.

The latest health hazard: Magnetic tongue studs.


But not all the news stories are about evil, absurdity, or pollution.

This NYPost story is about the brotherhood of warriors.



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