Saturday, December 01, 2012

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Another day, another typhoon sub tropical cyclone...due to hit south of here next week


The press distorted what the pope said (so what else is new?). and the blaphemous comments are enough to show you that the comment checker in the Washington Post thinks it's okay to be anti Catholic.

The press distortion gives one impression that the probably fictional parts of the stories were important but ignoring the dogma in his book...more HERE.

But reaffirming Christ was God, and why this is important, was completely ignored.
God is real, God is a person not a force, God cares about us and entered into history as a man, not with a miraculous force, and God didn't change the world by becoming a powerful king to force us to be good, but as a child in a poor family, to identify with ordinary people and to show us how to live.

as the hymn says:

Oh Lord of Earth and sea and sky

How sweet it is to see Thee lie
Upon thy mother's breast.
Religious headline of the day:

Pentagon Spends $100,000 to Find Out: ‘Did Jesus Die for Klingons Too?’
In addition to $1.5 billion being spent on a plan to invent roll-up beef jerky, an iPhone app that helps people schedule their coffee breaks and scientific research on the swimming patterns of goldfish, was a workshop blending Christianity with the existence of aliens.
The event, entitled “Did Jesus Die for Klingons Too?,” focused on “the implications for Christianity if intelligent life were to be found on other planets.” According to the Global Post, actors such as LeVar Burton and Nichelle Nichols were present, and an “intergalactic gala celebration” was included, at which attendees were urged to don “starship cocktail attire.”
Actually as any CSLewis fan can tell you, if we meet ET's they might be like the CSLewis Martians or Narnians, and either not need a redemption, or maybe Maladil had sent their own redeemer... or maybe they were so fallen that they were not open to redemption (something that Tokien pondered about the orcs).... Since Klingons can do good, I doubt they fit into this last catagory.

Stupid goldfish tricks 



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