Friday, January 04, 2013

Family news

I found two kittens in the vacant lot...may have been left there by mom since there is a yellow cat in the area and they were in the back of the lot, not near the front where "unwanted" kittens get thrown.

They were crying loudly so I figured they were abandoned, but they are not yet able to eat on their own, so again we are feeding them by a dropper.

Sigh. Most such kittens either die of diarrhea/infection or the dogs get them when they start to "wander" and we don't catch them in time. Those that do live we either keep or give to the farmers to catch mice.

Another "low pressure area" so it's cloudy. Hope it doesn't rain, because it's fiesta time.

The big news here is the fiesta of the Three Kings. It is a big fiesta in our town because the large parish church is named for them. (The neighborhoods have chapels, and our chapel is San Lorenzo).

A block away there are carnival rides in the parking lot in front of the old municipal building and every night another concert etc. in the local town square. (The newer and larger municipal building is outside town, where the mall and the new subdivisions are growing).

So lots of noise every night, which doesn't bother Lolo since he turns off his hearing aid. But the kids are still setting off fire crackers, so our bedroom is still full of dogs, at least until midnight when things get quiet.

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