Friday, January 04, 2013

Stuff below the fold

The Good news: Bengladesh to introduce 4 new climate resistant strains of rice
The Bad News: A new food crisis looms in 2013

summary: More rice but less wheat. Not mentioned: Egypt is running out of money to import the wheat they need. But hey, Obama okayed giving them a couple of F-16's last month, ($70 million a piece if they are new) so maybe they can sell them in exchange for wheat.

StrategyPage has the background: The US has lots of these sitting in storage because the cold war is over and they are not needed, and most countries can buy a Chinese clone for half the price. And the Chinese also have cloned a Russian jet to sell....what ever it takes.

Calling Art Bell! Calling Art Bell!

Those of us who keep an eye on conspiracy web pages know about Malachi Martin's expose on how the Catholic church was infiltrated by bad guys...we all assumed he was a little paranoid (or maybe a bipolar guy in a manic phase).

But LesFemmes, a conservative Catholic site, prints an interview with Columbia Philosophy professor Alice Von Hildebrand who says the same thing.

Well, if you believe such things, just remember that they will fail because of the unnoticed millions of praying christians will win in the long run. Don't believe me? Go to the EDSA shrine...
photo from this link, which cluelessly writes:

..I appreciate the location of EDSA Shrine. It is very accessible to people working in Ortigas Business District."

Uh, they put the shrine where the demonstration took place, on the main street in town, the EDSA.
And at the time, it was't a shiny business district but MamaMary's ugly statue overlooked a shanty town...


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