Saturday, January 12, 2013

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China Daily has a book review on a trilogy about the cultural clashes between the Han and various Tibetan ethnic groups, the Buddhists and the Catholics...

Photos provided to China Daily
On the other side
A Catholic church, with its flying eaves and carvings, on the Yunnan-Tibet border, is an example of the interplay of influences in this region.

Hmm...wonder when they'll have it in English.

Awhile ago I downloaded a lecture series from Oxford about the long history of Catholic Christianity in China that has some similar themes.

Tolkien often includes past experiences "cooked" into his stew of a story (to use his analogy).

TORN asks: So are these the towers that inspired the tower of Orthanc?

The UKTelegraph writes

Perrot's Folly in Edgbaston is believed to have been built as an elaborate hunting lodge... 

JRR Tolkien grew up in the area and would have passed the old hunting lodge every day on his way to and from school. Historians believe Tolkien would also have seen the gothic tower dominating the horizon from his bedroom window as a boy.
The overbearing brick structure is thought to have been the inspiration for the fortress of Isengard; the lair of the white wizard Saruman and his orcs which is featured in volume two of the trilogy: The Two Towers.
addendum: Wikipedia article on Perrott's folly



Is silencing Christians for their old fashioned values the new meme in the media?

Related item:. Instapundit link on the gun control debate on CNN, which I didn't see.

So if  public health data that notices gun crime clusters and HIV clusters, it means if you discuss this problem and discuss actual behavioral interventions that might lower the risk, you could be called a bigot, and the same types condemn churches for being bigots for their judgmental attitudes, even though churches are a valuable ally in helping folks in matters of unhealthy behavior (aka sin).

Also via instapundit: Nanotubes turned into superfibers.

An interview with Dick Van Dyke.


OnlineCatholic has a story of the German occupation of the British Channel Islands duringWWII...
Headsup FT...

Drudge is having a field day:


May Have to 'Suffer a Little Bit'... 

and now his main headline is


from Dustbury on a Bill quick video about editing wikipedia.
includes this factoid:
  • “Weird Al” Yankovic’s claim to being “White & Nerdy” is partially based on editing Wikipedia (around 1:49).
In our prayers: Israel, Lebanon, and Syria are suffering from a major storm. 
Help for the most vulnerable is indeed much needed as Lebanon undergoes the worst storm in decades. The Bride (that’s the name of the storm) froze the country under a blanket of snow for two days. With poor infrastructure and shabby buildings, freezing temperatures and floods have exacerbated the plight of the most vulnerable, including Syrian refugees fleeing the violence in their home country and currently living in camps.
another day, another storm
Rained lightly all night, and no flooding here, just the usual leaking roof in the kitchen.

and I know the USMarines are working with the AFP to help typhoon victims, but this morning two helicopters flew over at low altitude, but I can't find what's going on (we are on the flight path to Ft Magsaysay and low flying planes/copters usually means a training exercize).

I'll have to run outside faster and check if it's ours or if it's visiting copters.

The "every good thing has a bad side effect" story of the day:

I always get those "don't print this to save the earth" emails but now it turns out that the lack of waste paper to recycle may mean a toilet paper shortage.


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