Monday, January 07, 2013

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I put the PC cannibalism review of Life of Pi on BNN..

am I the only who who thinks the guy is a sociopath telling the romantic tiger story (and then a second story in which he is the victim) to cover up his crime? Andl why do so many intelligent people overlook the manipulation in the book/movie?

David Warren discusses the narcissists in Shakespeare.

 a couple of "amok" type shootings over new years weekend now are being used as an excuse to strengthen the "gun control" laws here.
problem? no one obeys the laws anyway, and even the Inquirer questions the motives behind the ban, since Pnoy is a known gun enthusiast

Why a sudden push for gun control, when having a gun is pretty well illegal here? I suspect Obama and his minions are astroturfing it as an issue

And yes, I am in favor of gun control, and no, we don't have a gun in our house.... but I wish our nephew had a concealed carry gun when the hit men attacked them.


 Related item: China moves in.
one doubts that they would  be doing this if Romney had won.

Is someone at Firefox working for Google Chrome? this is the third time I've had to remove the latest update and put in an older version because it keeps freezing when I download Cheezburger or Youtube. Yes, I've removed all the add ons but it still freezes.

So back to the future, and no problem at all.


Bring back the hawks: The Great Tailed grackel aka "devil bird" is bedeviling the US.

His Arlingtoncompany has found high-powered lasers most effective...
For really stubborn flocks, he'll hire a falconer who will fly hawks into the tree. "They take out a few grackles, and then the rest leave," Beaman said. "But it's only good for a few trees, you can't do a whole neighborhood."

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