Monday, February 18, 2013

Corruption Stuff below the fold

CSI Cold case files:
Hieropraxis reviews a book using the cold case approach for an analysis of Jesus' crucifixion.

now what is needed is someone to analyze why he got into trouble: No, it wasn't because of doctrinal differences: it was because he exposed the corruption and kickbacks of some working in the Temple administration.

Lots of photos of that Russian meteor. I had originally thought they were taken by cellphones, but actually they were taken by dashboard cameras.

And Wired explains why so many folks there have dashboard cameras:  protection against corruption.



Here, the gambling and casinos that are corrupting the country are rarely condemned, except for good old lefty Archbishop Cruz.

In fact, the administration is even assiduously cooperating and eagerly looking forward to the on-going establishment and eventual operation of some kind of a local Las Vegas in Metro Manila. To say the least, the main capitalists of the project seem to be dubious characters. The main envisioned patrons thereof once made operational, also appear as dubious gambling tycoons – especially from Asia. Thus, too, comes to fore the probability of the invasion of the Philippines by gangsters, racketeers plus members of dangerous syndicates associated with big gambling from different countries of the world.


Vice Mayor Isko Moreno shows his stained hands to mediamen yesterday after he and five political allies had their fingerprints taken at Police Station 3 in Sta. Cruz, Manila following their arrest on illegal gambling charges. (Michael Varcas
But this week the big scandal is a bunch of politicians in Manila being arrested for illegal gambling. Of course, they were later released for "insufficient evidence"...

So whose money was being used? Ah, you'll never find that out, because of the strict libel laws here, and the practice of "eliminating" whistleblowers.

But hey, it can happen even in the US, so don't point fingers: LINK 


Speaking of shooting: Did I tell you that last week, while Lolo was getting a facial, that we heard gunshots? Apparently, a security guard shot a woman. Something about the drug store lease being cancelled so that 711 could put a store there, and the pharmacy folks refused to move. I don't know the details, but the woman was taken to the hospital, but apparantly not hurt badly, and I haven't found the story in the press.

Update: DraAngi said that the woman was killed but that there was no publicity about it because...well it sounded like someone didn't want the publicity. She left an orphaned child.

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