Monday, February 11, 2013

Geekdom updates

PJMedia reports on the Dallas SciFi convention with Disney/Lukas crossbreeds:

Vanity Fair has an article of the makeup artists of the Hobbit

The dwarves’ look is also influenced by their lifestyle. “They drink a lot—their manners are really bad at the table. Any person who’s drunk all their lives, their nose is going to get quite red. All they do is eat meat. It’s not a very good diet. They live outside, so they’re beaten, battered, and bruised,” says King.

Ha. You know, when I saw the party scene in the hobbit, it reminded me of the Viking scene in the Thirteenth Warrior. That might not be a coincidence, since the Dwarves are based on Icelandic mythology (as are the stone giants).

Speaking of bad diets: The UK Mail says an American study showed that those who drank more diet soda ended up with more diabetes etc.

HELLO!. Logic is your friend.

Bad logic: Those who drank more diet soda ended up with more diabetes.

Good Logic: People who are overweight tend to drink more diet soda, so people who are overweight tend to end up with more diabetes.

And, like most investigations that rely on people remembering what they eat or drink, one must be suspicious of the history being accurate.


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