Monday, February 18, 2013

More Lenten suggestions

Tired of eating crickets and 'gators?

Try these instead:

Barnacle goose, Muscrat, Beaver, or Capybara...

Most country folk in Appalachia know recipes for the first two but FYI: Capybara recipes can be found HERE.

Capybara meat makes excellent jerky, and is frequently sold in dried form. This dried meat is often used shredded in recipes like black bean soup.
It is also consumed in sushi. The meat, either raw or slightly steamed, is rinsed in a vinegar and salt mixture and rolled in sticky rice with a seaweed covering just like fish would be.
Raw capybara can be marinated before cooking using the same sort of spices you would for either pork or chicken.


Since they live in wet-lands, the Catholic church, via special dispensation, classified them as "fish" when consuming meat on Fridays was still forbidden by the church.

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