Monday, February 11, 2013

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY   to Mother Angelica, crippled by her 2001 stroke, who has turned 90 years old.

An Italian American nun in the Bible Belt who founded a cable network on a shoestring.


UKTelegraph says big brother is keeping an eye on the social media.

The sophisticated technology relies on websites such as Facebook and Twitter to build a detailed picture of people’s lives in a move that could raise concerns over breach of privacy and civil liberties.
The system has been created by Raytheon, the US giant defence contractor.
It was claimed that the technology could be transformed into a "Google for spies" and used by governments as a means of monitoring and controlling people online.
Which explains why Lolo, a rabid Republican, gets emails from the Democratic party.

Ben Affleck gets a BAFTA...


Rewriting history: Richard III wasn't as bad as he is portrayed, say revisionist historians, 

and comments about other bad guys who revisionist historians say might not been that bad. (and sell lots of books for saying so).
Attention PETA:. Hitler was a vegetarian. Yes, it's been "known" for years, but now his food taster confirms the rumor.


Why Skirts rule:

Why Catholics aren't "creationists" but view the Bible as the story of God's love, not as a scientific textbook:


AGHHH! Cats are taking over the world!

There is even a game of...Cat Monopoly!

Customized game board featuring adorable images of playful kittens and cats
  • Collectible pewter tokens include: Scratching Post, Mouse, Sleeping Cat, Milk Bottle, Can of Tuna, Fish

Not to be confused with:


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