Sunday, February 17, 2013

Stuff in the past

TeaAtTrianon links to This WSJ article discusses a modern hairdresser who does old fashioned hairdoos: From the ancient world...


 Google Earth vs North Korea.

...Thus we know of the palatial estates of the North Korean rulers and recreational facilities closed to all but the elite. There are also extensive and detailed photos of military sites, as well as the network of prison work camps holding at least one percent of the population. This is causing the North Korean rulers image problems at home and abroad. 

how good is google Earth? well, we live in a pretty unimportant spot in the rural Philippines, but if you google for the town square, that's us half a block away...

answering the really important religious questions:

Can I eat insects on Fridays?

Father Z replies:
Yes, Mr. Reinfield, they are not counted as meat products.  You may eat all the bugs you can find, also on Fridays!

OK: one dish of cricket adobo, coming up.

--and no, I don't eat it, but Lolo does....

and if you live in New Orleans, you can eat alligators on Fridays in lent too...and Father Z posted this for your grocery list:


Want to visit Julia's balcony in Verona?

well, Juliet is a fictional character, but hey, for money they made it up.

and yes, I've seen the movie (and duuh...two folks who had little in common in the first place now rediscover their lost love? I give them two months before they split...)

But if you are more romantic, and want to watch a "three handkerchief" romantic movie, hey, you can find it on Youtube.


An economic summary of Middle Earth;s economy hitting the financial cliff.

yes, it's a satire.



Deacon Bill Steltemeir, the craggy faced good old boy southern lawyer who helped Mother Angelica develop EWTN has died. Rest in Peace.


Science article of the day: The Physics of Sunsets

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