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 A website with recipes for a real man: Guy's American kitchen
 Via Dave Barry:


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Taking motherhood a bit too far:

62 year old (bird) has a new chick.


Beer! making people happy since 3200 BC

the article quotes an expert saying that there probably wasn't alcohol in beer, but I suspect it probably was "lo beer" rather than alcohol free...why? Because no alcohol lets germs live, while alcohol kills germs.

And this property of yeast was probably known, since the bread or beer would bubble to show the yeastie beasties were doing their thing...

Straws were used for beer because of the stuff floating on it made quaffing it unpleasant. 

as for that "non alcohol" part: Nonsense. Noah got drunk after landing the arc, but in the Egyptian version, Ra got Hathor drunk by giving her red coloured beer, thereby allowing mankind to survive.

One of my favorite documentaries:


The best and worst movies about Abraham Lincoln.

they say the best one was the oldie but goodie:  Young Mister Lincoln.

and no, I haven't seen the recent film Lincoln: Hasn't hit the cinema here yet, and haven't found it in the Palenke either, which suggests that it must be boring, but only the UKMail has the guts to admit it
Best quote from their review:
This is high-minded hagiography, and too much of it resembles a Disneyfied waxworks show with an animatronic version of Daniel Day-Lewis intoning speeches by the great man in a reedy tenor, while John Williams’s sub-Aaron Copland score strains for sonorous solemnity.

However, I did enjoy Abraham Lincoln Vampire paraphrase a famous Mel Brooks quote: Unlike other Lincolns, he has a real American accent...


Beauty tip of the day: Try a kitty litter facial.

Bentonite, also referred to as Montmorillonite, is one of the most effective and powerful healing clays and can be used externally as a mud pack and in skin care recipes. The substance if composed of age volcanic ash. It should be odorless, non-staining and a grey/cream color - anything bordering 'pure white' is suspect. When combined with water it produces an 'electrical charge', giving it the ability to absorb and remove toxins. It can also be taken to help with digestive disturbances such as acid reflux, constipation and bloating and as a natural detoxification remedy. presumably it is not the clumping type, which turns hard as a rock after Kitty uses it.

Alas, the kitty litter here is hard to find:  terrible and expensive., so we just let the windows open and let the cats into the garden.

The Neurophysiology of spoonerism.
Interestingly the data also shows consonants and vowels originate in different parts of the brain separated by relatively large distances.
Chang says this may explain why in "slips of the tongue" it is more common to substitute consonants with one another and vowels with vowels.

 The word Spoonerism comes from Rev. Spooner, who was actually a well beloved scholar and lecturer. More about Spooner and the popularity of puns HERE including this factoid:

In the U.S., transpositional humor was popular in the west. Reportedly, Abraham Lincoln was fond of them. A manuscript written by Lincoln begins "He said he was riding bass-ackwards on a jass-ack through a patton-crotch " It is not clear whether Lincoln created this piece or just copied it.
Lincoln was famous for his bawdy "corn spun" humor...

and no, he didn't invent facebook.
Father L links to a John Allen article about our own beloved Cardinal Tangle

In the Imus diocese, Tagle was famous for not owning a car and taking the bus to work every day, describing it as a way to combat the isolation that sometimes comes with high office. He was also known for inviting beggars outside the cathedral to come in and eat with him. One woman was quoted describing a time she went looking for her blind, out-of-work, alcoholic husband, suspecting she might track him down in a local bar, only to find that he was lunching with the bishop.
Here's another typical story. Not long after Tagle arrived in Imus, a small chapel located in a run-down neighborhood was waiting for a priest to say Mass at around 4 a.m. for a group mostly made up of day laborers. Eventually, a youngish cleric showed up on a cheap bicycle, wearing simple clothes and ready to start the Mass. An astonished member of the congregation realized it was the new bishop and apologized that they hadn't prepared a better welcome. Tagle said it was no problem; he got word late the night before that the priest was sick and decided to say the Mass himself.
Tagle is a gifted communicator, making him a sought-after speaker and media personality. He drew rave reviews for his performance at a 2008 International Eucharistic Congress in Quebec, where observers say he brought an entire stadium to tears. He's a very 21st-century prelate -- he hosts a program on YouTube, and he's got his own Facebook page.

Philippino headline of the day: Sin: Grace Under Pressure.

That's Archbishop (later Cardinal) Sin.

EDSA anniversary

Remembering Doy Laurel

more stories here.

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