Thursday, March 21, 2013

Happy Nowruz

It's the Persian New year.
Time for tulips and Goldfish.

The festival predates Islam, and is celebrated in many of the local countries including Afghanistan, and in places where the Iranian diaspora lives, such as Los Angeles.

TehranLive has photos of the clown/dancers who usher in the festival:

Hājji Firuz or Hajji Piruz, (Persian: حاجی فیروز) is the traditional herald of Nowruz, the Persian New Year. He oversees celebrations for the new year perhaps as a remnant of the ancient Zoroastrian fire-keeper. His face is covered in soot and he is clad in bright red clothes and a felt hat. While ushering in Nowruz, Hajji Firuz plays a tambourine and sings “Hāji Firuz-e, sal-i-ye ruz-e” (It is Hāji Firuz time, It happens one day in a year). People of all ages gather around him and his troupe of musicians and listen to them play the drum, saz or kamancheh, and dance through the streets with tambourines and trumpets spreading good cheer and the news of the coming New Year.
Read more about Haji Firuz Here.

One of the few festivals we don't celebrate here, but yes, there are actually a lot of Persian students studying here because of our excellent English Language schools.

In Iran the Mullahs tried to outlaw it, but the people ignored them.

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