Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Headlines that make you paranoid (and family news)

Cyprus is "fining" or "taxing" all bank accounts: a "mistake" says one bigshot.
Yes, because nothing encourages people to save/invest money as much as
1)taxing their interest income,
2) making the interest rate lower than inflation and
3) allowing the government to grab part of it at the orders of someone you never elected.

Which is why most of Lolo's "savings" were invested in land. The bad news? Most of the fields we have bought were originally owned by the family but taken away and given to the farmers under land reform...

but now, of course, thanks to land reform letting them earn a higher income, their kids have some education and can make better money in Manila or Saudi so their aging parents are selling it back to us.
Something to remember the next time that the greens laud the simple life, and point to traditional village life as being wonderful. They ignore those who "voted with their feet" and that often people are polite, and tell these visitors what they think they want to hear, not the truth...

A week ago, I suggested an outsider was funding the "conflict" in Sabah.
Today PNoy finally  got around to noticing the problem:

no names, of course. Those in the know already know, and the libel laws prevent anyone from pointing fingers so the rest of us remain clueless on what's behind this sudden "war".

Now that the government in the US is paying for mammograms, they first decided younger women didn't need them, and now they say it's okay to do them only every two years.

but the WTF part is here:

The controversial recommendations to reduce the frequency and delay the start of mammogram screening were based on studies suggesting the benefits of detecting cancers earlier did not outweigh the risk of false positive results, which needlessly expose women to the anguish of a breast cancer diagnosis and the ordeal of treatment.

Yes, must not make women worry, even if it saves lives.

and they mention "one third of breast cancers detected early" by mammograms may not kill the women: uh, what about the other 66 percent?

Strategy Page's sarcastic headline about drinking alcohol in the military:

No Booze In The Barracks For You Drunken Bastards


Having trouble remembering your passwords? Have them engraved on the inside of your wedding ring.

My trouble is that my passwords keep getting stolen from larger sites, and then I can't remember the new ones that I'm forced to remember. My "common" password is my African nickname, but the really important passwords I have to write down because they keep changing, and then I forget that I've changed it and it ends up locked.

Right now, I can't see my bank balance, I've had to report my CME to my medical academy, and I've had to pay my CME fee by snail mail because the robots won't accept the request because the IP address doesn't agree with the credit card address.

Foxton at the UKTelgraph says the same thing:
if I want to pay a bill online, it's impossible without going through the kind of thing you'd once have needed to get into an East Berlin safehouse. Except safehouses were probably a bit more forgiving than the call centre drones and the robots that give them their marching orders.

Is Barak Obama the devil?

no, the similarities are not that great (the "resemblence" would be similar to seeing Jesus' face in French toast, sort of a Rorshack test).
and it could have been worse: He could have had his head shown on a spike...

On the other hand, Obama does look a bit like the Heretic Pharoah:

This may be because Akehnatan's mom was from a "military family" who lived in the delta region. This was not a "Nubian" area, (Nubia is what is now South Sudan) but since many of the military were Nubians, some have claimed she had black African ancestry...

Similarly, Obama's father was a Luo, not a Bantu, and the Luos are also originally from that area of South Sudan.


not only does lack of sleep make you fat, but if you get up a lot during the night, you are less productive at work.

Entertainment news:

happy headline below the fold: Olympus visits the troops.

how Willow changed the movies.by changing model SX to computer graphics.

and Dan Brown's next book takes on Dante.


 Family news: Ruby is attending the bacculauriate ceremony of her home school base in Manila.

Like most home schoolers, her education is monitored by a local school, which also provides social activities, school trips, and opportunities to make friends. Ruby uses the internet and facebook more than I do, and texts her friends there and her cousins in Manila all the time.

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