Saturday, March 02, 2013

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I got so frustrated with iTunes slow downloads and failure to update my podcasts that I removed it from the computer. The tipping point was when they refused to let me listen to iTunes Univ lectures unless I signed in to buy "additional materials needed" for the lectures.

Now that many Universities have lectures on Youtube, or will download vs RSS feed, I figure I don't need it anymore for the few that don't.

But if you have more patience than me, and want to figure out how to get your older stuff back, AnneIsAManBlog has instructions HERE.

I'm now on Firefox 18, but it still freezes when flash is used. Guess I'll have to erase it and go back to Firefox 4.0 again...


Instapundit points out another White House Gaffe
Wired calls it a "nerd Fail"...

Hint: Jedi can only force "weak minds" to agree with them, but can't read minds or mind meld...
In constrast, Spock can mind-meld with anyone but he needs their permission, however, he does it to understand their point of view, and he cannot force them to change their mind.

Speaking of geekdom: Here is your Sherlock quiz of the day.

Sigh. I only got 90 percent: guess I missed an episode.

More Trivia: Sherlock quips that Mycroft runs the British Government, but in what book does Mycroft run the Moon? Answer.


Linked for later reading:
Instapundit links to articles discussing the upcoming (possible) Comet strike on Mars next year, and the possibility that planet could be terraformed. More HERE.

related item: did Mars "sputter" away it's atmosphere?

Since Mars doesn’t have a strong intrinsic magnetic field, the atmosphere could have been eroded by interactions with the solar wind, and this video shows how that occurs.


 The Dark side of Downton Manor: the rich American heiress marriage to keep the marriage alive may have worked in Downton and for Jenny Churchill (at least until her husband's syphillis destroyed his brain) but for other girls, it was a living hell.

From Tea AtTrianon a book review
of a new auto-biography:

An heiress of the Vanderbilt fortune, Consuelo was married as an unwilling teenager to the Duke of Marlborough, who needed her money for the upkeep of his ancestral estate at Blenheim Palace. Although Consuelo dutifully fulfilled her role as wife and mother as well as bountiful lady of the manor, her marriage to the Duke was one long misery, later to be annulled. Consuelo eventually married to her true love, dashing French aviator Jacques Balsan, with whom she shared many happy years

Interest rates are so low that savers are essentially paying for the country's debts.

In America and Europe, there is a silent transfer of wealth taking place, day by day. Cash-strapped and heavily indebted governments are desperate to hold down the interest rate at which they borrow. Unfortunately, this also means perennially low interest rates for savers: rates so low that they do not match the rate of inflation. Negative real interest rates imply that retirees must consume their wealth in order to pay the bills.

Yeah. Just got my IRA report back and essentially I'm losing money. The same thing happened in the Carter years, when I returned from Africa only to find my hard earned savings could buy only half of what I could before I left the country.

Heh...check Dilbert's cartoon

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