Saturday, April 06, 2013

CSI HelloKitty

HelloKittyHell reports that you now can have your tooth crown with kitty's image.

You don't have to have a crown to get HelloKitty on your tooth, nor is it just kitty:

Maybe you’ve been seen Tattoos in the arm or back . But what about the Tattoo on the teeth?, Yes Dental Tattoos. This is what happened in India today, Tattoo on the teeth is very popular in these Bollywood countries.
According to orthodontist and implantologist Herman Verma, the youth nowadays is quite adventurous and they take on new trends much easier than generations before them. These dental tattoos are not something new, since they have been used in the West for years (approximately since the early 2000’s).

 as the Times of India article notes:
"Dental tattoos came in the limelight when hip-hop singers and rappers began to don them to look phenomenal on the stage. This trend is basically for party animals," agrees Dr Prashant Bhasin, an assistant professor at a dental college, and a private practitioner, adding, "Recently, a 13-year-old girl got a temporary tattoo done on her tooth. She had seen it on her friend's mother's tooth, so she also wanted one. Temporary tattoos are stuck on the tooth with the help of laser, while permanent ones are drilled into the tooth. Patients mostly go for temporary ones because this is a fad, and may not be so cool after a few seasons. Though permanent tattoos can also be removed, temporary ones are easily removable."
on the other hand, trendy crowns can cause problems.

the Journal of Pediatric Dentristry complains:
Decorative crowns for the teeth have gained a resurgence of popularity among adolescents. Similar to other forms of body art found in the mouth, these trendy crowns may be associated with a variety of oral complications. This case report describes a localized form of necrotizing ulcerative gingivitis, exacerbated by a cosmetic gold crown in a teenage girl. Healthier artistic options are discussed to replace this flashy dental fad.

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