Wednesday, April 03, 2013

family news

Chano is still at the conference in Batanges with the family. It is very hot, and we had a three hour brownout at the hottest time in the afternoon. I am still exhausted from getting up at night, either because I heard a noise (our bedroom overlooks the main door and the supplies: the back lot has an old man and two dogs guarding it, but not much to steal...sometimes we find someone has climbed the fence to sleep in the gazeebo but usually they can't get past the garden because the gates are locked, unless they decide to go through the doggie door). I also was up feeding the kitty twice last night. We found it won't suck a bottle, but we use a ear bulb to feed it, and found if we put a large Q tip in it's mouth it will suckle. Sigh. Doubt he will live much longer.

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