Tuesday, April 09, 2013

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Let's rewrite history if it doesn't fit the meme

ONE: the fall of Viet Nam was because the people wanted it:
Even Vietnam, which conventional wisdom counts as a defeat, wasn't. The conventional wisdom, as is often the case, is wrong. By the time the last U.S. combat units pulled out of South Vietnam in 1972, the local guerilla movement, the Viet Cong, was destroyed. North Vietnam came south three years later with a conventional invasion, sending tank and infantry divisions charging across the border and conquering their neighbor the old fashioned way.
Much of the anti Semitism in Europe is inspired by false propaganda deluge and repeated by the usual idiots.
...The one problem with this Palestinian tactic is that more Western politicians and aid (t0 Palestinian) donors are becoming aware of the decades old Palestinian internal propaganda campaign that calls for the destruction of Israel, not a peace deal. Palestinian leaders are having a hard time explaining this double dealing.
Thanks to Baroness Thatcher (may she rest in peace) millions of people are free.
Former Poland president Lech Walesa

"She was a great person. She did a great deal for the world, along with [late US president] Ronald Reagan, pope John Paul II and Solidarity, she contributed to the demise of communism in Poland and Central Europe."
 but today's European leaders can't be honest and see this as merely a political change
German Chancellor Angela Merkel

"She was an extraordinary leader in global politics of her time. I will never forget her part in surmounting the division of Europe and at the end of the Cold War."
She "surmounted the division" of Europe? so much for the "evil empire"....

In the UK the left is rejoicing: even students too young to remember what she did are having parties (presumably they have only been taught to hate her)...

Sigh....via  GetReligion: Read it and weep: no, little US coverage outside of local papers, but the UK Mail, has coverage.
grand jury report here. Try not to vomit.

Good news of the day: South Sudan has restarted their oil production.

Better news of the day: The US has passed Saudi in oil production.

I'm not sure what this means: Polynesian DNA in extinct Brazilian Indians. 
see discussion for what some think it means.

bookmarked for later reading: technical article on new vaccines (including HIV) that might be made using nano technology.

 Size does matter.

also for later reading: Agatha Christie and the handbook of poisons.

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