Saturday, April 20, 2013

Stuff below the fold

While Boston was on lock down and in mourning, the death toll in West Texas went up,the Mississippi is threatening to flood (normal every spring) and a lot of people were killed in a Chinese earthquake.
no Filipinos so far reported hurt in Boston, but one victim was a Chinese graduate student.
Dustbury gets his five minutes of fame in the local paper. About time...

The PhilInquirer (which tends to be socialist) discusses the pope reforming the church: from "navel gazing" clericalism to making lay people holy. Sounds about right. The clergy "serve the poor", but too often as elites helping "the poor", while living comfortably, not like St Francis as one of them...
 there is more sociology/anthropology/cross cultural changes behind what he is doing, but I'm too busy to try to summarize it. But let's just say the PCa types will be left behind evolving to a higher power while the Church goes back to basics.

related item:
and Father Z notes even the NCR figures that nuns who said they planned to move "beyond Jesus" into a post modern gobblygook new ageism were asking for a comeuppance....

In case you want to say "HI"-
A smartphone app that warns about incoming meteors is just one practical application that could be developed this weekend.

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