Thursday, May 30, 2013

Depressing Stuff around the net

Archbishop Chaput warns about threats to religious freedom. For later reading.


Instapundit quipped:
VATICAN: 100,000 Christians Killed For Faith Each Year. Will a new version of the Knights Templar arise?

I don't know about the Knights Templar, but the MadMonarchist has this article on the Knights of Malta's role in running hospitals and protecting pilgrims.(headsup TeaAtTrianon)

They still work today, running charities for example working with lepers in Africa.


David Warren asks: who should the US help: Al Qaeda or Hezbollah (and the radicals in Iran)?

Turtlebay Blog watches the elite international community pushing a culture of death, in case you want to know the mentality behind why the cash poor Philippines was bullied into passing a law for docs to push free contraception while one third of women deliver babies without a trained midwife.

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