Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Family News

Internet was off all day, but came on after a short brown out. Guess they were fixing the lines.

The murderous ex mayor's daughter won the election, so the family is sad/angry.

wonder how much it cost her? Our cook said the price was 1000 P which is a bit high (maybe to vote the party line: but even then it's high, the usual price to buy a vote is 200-500 pesos, about ten dollars).
how bad is the vote buying here? Well, we even made it into a Singapore paper...
Supt. Crizaldo Nieves, the Nueva Ecija police director, said the police had received reports of massive vote-buying going on in various towns in Nueva Ecija. He said long lines of people were reported to be waiting for their turn to receive money from ward leaders of the candidates. The amount being handed out ranged from P500 to P2,000, he said.

oh well...the ex mayor is on dialysis and I worry more about his soul for not repenting than about his family trying to keep him out of jail.

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