Wednesday, May 08, 2013

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Maybe the reason no  one can find Babylon's hanging gardens is because they were located in...Ninevah?

After 18 years of study, Stephanie Dalley of Oxford University has concluded that the garden was built by the Assyrians in the north of Mesopotamia – in modern Iraq – rather than by their great enemies the Babylonians in the south.
She believes her research shows that the feat of engineering and artistry was achieved by the Assyrian king, Sennacherib, rather than the Babylonian king, Nebuchadnezzar.a

I have referred to "vilerat' in my previous posts. I was referring to this gentlman: LINK who introduced diplomatic skills into the gaming world...

Sean Smith was one of the diplomats killed in Benghazi, and was also known  in gaming land as "Vile Rat". He texted his gaming friends that he saw suspicious activity outside the consulate and told his friends he would be back on line later "if he wasn't killed"...and indeed, he was.

I'm still waiting for the press to notice that if the gamers knew about the impending attack at noon EST (three hours before it occurred) it extends the time line available for getting help to them back three hours...


Also for SciFi fandom: Why Boob armour will kill you.

Assuming that you are avoiding the blow of a sword, your armor should be designed so that the blade glances off your body, away from your chest. If your armor is breast-shaped, you are in fact increasing the likelihood that a blade blow will slide inward, toward the center of your chest, the very place you are trying to keep safe.

Rest In Peace: Ray Harryhausen has died.

He pioneered "stop motion" capture special effects, in the days before CGI. an example can be seen HERE.
or HERE:


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