Tuesday, May 07, 2013

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TORN has an article about Translating Tolkien.
ChineseHobbitcharacters#1 (huo bi te ren)
This is the Chinese form of “hobbit.” It can literally be translated as “quickly compare special people.” This name, oddly enough, recognizes one truth: the unique and special nature of hobbits. Whether conveyance of this meaning was intended or not by the translator, I am not sure, though.
#2 (gu lu mu)
As you might have guessed, this is Gollum in Chinese. The literal meaning of this name is very odd: it can be translated as “nanny guru.” It does imply Gollum is old (which is true) and beholding of some secret knowledge, as a guru is (also, perhaps, true).
#3 (zhong tu shi jie)
The Chinese name for Middle-earth is an example where meaning is carried over sound. It literally means “middle earth/soil world”. However, another translation of “zhong1 tu3” is “Sino-Turkish,” though, of course, that is not the intended meaning.
#4 (bierbo bajinsi)
This is Bilbo Baggins—and a very difficult name to translate, too. The first name cannot really be translated at all. However, the surname is quite interesting; one translation could be “long for gold” which, although perhaps not applicable to Bilbo himself, is a rather pertinent note on the story as a whole.

Philip Jenkins has an ongoing series about the "lost" gospels. No, not just the "gnostic" ones but the folk tale types that entered into Catholic folk teachings, but today he notes how they may give insights into the gospels.

The rumors on milblogs that those going to help in Benghazi were told to "stand down" is now being claimed by career diplomats. (i.e. non political appointees).
more at Instapundit.

and remember what few are saying: That "Vile Rat" warned his gaming friends (and presumably his superiors) that an attack was coming three hours BEFORE it started, so it's not like they didn't have time to get ready.

WTF headline of the day: Dummies may help a baby's heart.

dummies is Australian for what Yanks call a pacifier, and their use lowers the risk of crib death...


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