Friday, May 17, 2013

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I don't like Zombie movies, but Ruby got me the film warm bodies, where a zombie wants to learn to communicate with other people... and ends up falling in love and becoming human again.

But lots of small digs at modern society: Here, at 1:42, there is a five second memory of the past, talking about how people used to connect with other people (but actually shows a lot of people, all texting and ignoring everyone around them). Ha.

Why did little boys in the olden days wear skirts/dresses until age 3 or 4? No zippers.
  TeaAtTrianon links to this article:

From the Pragmatic Costumer:
In 17th century Europe, the sight of a little boy in a fluffy pink skirt wouldn’t have been frowned on in the least. Boys wore skirts from the time they could walk until the age of 6 or 7. Since zippers and elastic were centuries in the future, a 17th century mom couldn’t just slip a pair of pants over her squirming toddler’s legs. Breeches required buttons and buckles to hold them in place: two nimble, dexterous activities that toddler hands cannot perform on their own. Until a boy was considered mature and independent enough to handle his own dressing, he wore skirts.
UKTelegraph has an article about the Dambusters raid.

Lots of folks lament the firebombing of Dresden and Tokyo but don't think drowning a  lot of steel workers and their families was bad.

On the other hand, the peaceniks tend to ignore the huge numbers of civilians killed by departing Japanese troops in revenge when they abandoned Manila, which probably killed more people than the Atomic bombings of Japan. Why? Because it wasn't done by the USA?

Speaking of atrocities: A new Pinoy film on the Bataan death march is being presented at the Canne film festival. This quip about modern movies says it all:

Shot against hand-painted backdrops, with visceral close-ups of the actors’ faces, ‘Death March’ will be up against the likes of Sofia Coppola’s ‘The Bling Ring’ at Cannes this year.
Yes, another belly button gazing film about Hollywood that glamourizes thieves: what else is new?

TeaAtTrianon also links to an article why the Pope doesn't give out communion: too many notorious and unrepentant sinners would take a photo of it, implying he approved of them, and Pope Francis doesn't want them to use it as a photo op.

So why not just refuse them the sacrament?  Because one doesn't know if the person repented

 Yes. Reminds me of the murderous ex mayor standing up in front of church with the VIPs when the bishop came here for the fiesta. When Chona brought up her donation, she turned around and saw him and spontaneously shook her fist in his face and said loudly "you, YOU!" before returning to her seat.

The scandal made the bishop hold a mass before the next election,where he demanded all those running for office to vow they wouldn't murder each other.

Sigh. It didn't keep his daughter from buying winning this years' election.

in a related item, several news stories claim the Catholics are losing power because the bishop's pro life candidates didn't win. Nonsense. It just means the catholics didn't buy enough votes. Just ignore all that  lovely money being passed out.

Old Lefty Archbishop Cruz (ret) writes:

It was no secret that a big amount of money changed hands on the occasion of yesterday’s election, while it is true that Philippine elections and money continue and persist as a ground reality paring, from all tri-media accounts, this time around, very much more money made the rounds on the occasion of the last political event. There can be various explanations for such an anomaly: those running for election had so much money to buy votes with. The voters sold their votes because of their abject poverty if not downright misery...

yeah. When they're all crooks, why not just vote for the one who actually helps you with a bribe?


We used to fish (legally) at the Quabbin reservoir, and it's pretty huge.
It has an aggregate capacity of 412 billion US gallons (1.56 km3) and an area of 38.6 square miles (99.9 km²). 

 So I suspect this arrest is overkill.

and you will be happy to hear that they tested the water and didn't find any alien larvae.

Nigerian terrorists are getting arms and experience terrorists from the Arab Spring...Mali redux?

This is a potential war of religion,in an area where the Muslims were backed over the Christians in a previous civil war so that the west could get control of their oil,  but never mind. LINK2

much of the profit is stolen anyway...



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