Tuesday, June 11, 2013

A nice cuppa tea

Afternoon tea.
the drink behind the British Empire

This growing popularity of afternoon tea coincided with Britain’s golden age of empire, and thus, from England to Australia, Scotland  to South Africa, Ireland to India, ladies and gentlemen stopped their occupations to enjoy some moments of refined leisure and genteel conversation together over afternoon tea. This social custom helped bond the most far-flung corners of the empire, so that just as the person of the King or Queen served to unite the empire in government, so also the afternoon tea united them in British tradition and social graces.
the blog includes a nice recipe for scones.

Via TeaAtTrianon

and Univ of Bath has a podcast on tea HERE.
Garden historian Russell Bowes talks about the horticultural history of the tea bag, from its origins in the foothills of the Himalayas right through to the modern tea bag.

mp3 link

The health benefits of tea include it as a substitute for alcohol and the advantages that you boil the water (in days when water was often contaminated with germs).

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