Sunday, June 16, 2013

Getting rid of the really dangerous pirates

No, not the Somali pirates who are holding 200 Pinoys from ships

The Gov't has taken down Kicka** torrents.
US pressure?
TorrentFreak also said it "wouldn’t be much of a surprise if U.S. forces have also been applying pressure."
It cited the US government's Special 301 Report saying the Philippines remains on its copyright “watch list.”  — ELR, GMA News
Ya think?

PNoy is busy obeying Obama in passing PC bills that Americans care about (but most Pinoys don't see as a priority).

So I can't buy and download films from Amazon (and I can't even watch some films on youtube because of copyright problems). Luckily, most of the songs I like are "elevator music" types, so I download them from Youtube and rip them to mp3 for my listening pleasure.

Films are another problem: we get them on HBO etc. in a couple of months, but often they are on at an inconvenient time. I guess we'll have to figure out how to copy them like I used to copy them in the US on my Video recorder.

Luckily, thanks to the huge Chinese pirating industry, we can buy the latest film from a small vendor for 50 pesos in our rural Palenke the week before it opens in Manila.

And small vendors at the Palenke will sell you a cd of your favorite songs (and you can even chose which songs for them to burn on your cd at some small shops).

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