Saturday, June 15, 2013

Podcast of the week

For Christians, the saying is "WWJD", what would Jesus do....

but a new book suggests that for presidents, the question is: WWWD, what would George Washington do?

Beirne shows that the American presidency was born as much out of the personality of one man–George Washington–as it was out of the political philosophies of the founding fathers. After all, the framers had never seen a presidency before–almost all previous states were led by monarchs, and that was not an option for the new American Republic. So they looked at Washington, what he had done during the Revolutionary War, and modeled the presidency after him.

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and if you want to keep in touch with Big Brother in the US, check out links at Instapundit.

who links to this editorial in the Times of India.

There was never a doubt that governments across the world, the US in particular, took help of technology companies like Google, Microsoft, Facebook and Apple while investigating crimes or tracking terrorists. But the perception was that whenever this happened, some sort of due process was followed and that the technology companies had a level of control on what they shared. There was a perception that companies, especially Google, were strongly committed to the privacy of their users.
Last week, this perception shattered. The leaked material purportedly reveals that NSA had “direct access” to the servers of nine companies and the agency officials could monitor, track and record every message or mail sent by web users utilizing the services of these companies. The companies named in the reports were Facebook, Google, Apple, Yahoo, Skype, Microsoft, AOL, YouTube, and PalTalk.

and many of these customers are  not US citizens and upset about it.

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