Sunday, June 02, 2013


Professor Mary Beard asks why the fuss about the 70th anniversary of climbing Mt Everest, and then notes that the celebration leaves out a small fact: the names of the Sherpas.

and she sees this as part of a pattern: it's about those who climb for glory, and the Sherpas are usually left out of the story, even when they die...

so how many Sherpas have died there?

43 in the last 70 years.

more about Sherpas HERE.
They are professionals and often have to cope with people who aren't capable of doing the climb successfully, and if they die, well, their family gets less than 10 thousand dollars insurance money.

and then they have to put up with bozos like this group, who complained to the UKSun that they were "attacked" by a mob of Sherpas includes the other side of the story:

The witness, who wishes to remain anonymous, said: “The Sherpas told the team not to climb above them while they were fixing the ropes but they did it anyway.
“Then ice fell and hit the Sherpas, which made them very angry.”

related article: Atlas Obscura on the copse ridden slopes of Mt Everest...

and for those of you who watch NatGeo and think Nepal is ShangriLa, then you haven't noticed that that country, like the Philippines, has a huge number of folks (over one half a million)  who migrate to work and support their families.

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