Sunday, June 02, 2013

Stuff around the net

Calling Art Bell...calling Art Bell.

"mars rat" takes the internet by storm.


Astronauts traveling to Mars would get a radiation overdose.

Hmm...sounds like they might need lead underwear.


Asteroid Qe2 has it's own moon.


Doxycycline price just went up through the roof.

However, the article is wrong about Lyme disease: This can be treated with ordinary penicillin. However, other tick fevers (e.g. Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, erlicheosis) need to be treated with Doxycycline, so we usually use it as first line medicine.

and the real problem is that this cheap drug won't be there to treat chlamydia (although the more expensive azithromycin is still around).

and alas, Ciprofloxin is also in short supply...

why all the drug shortages? Again, it comes to the problem that they need to be made by ingredients from places like China,  (link2) and new gov't regulations are finding problems there.

and of course, these are generic medicines, so not much profit: but after a shortage, hey, after a shortage scare the companies can increase their prices...

however, we just treated our dog George for viral pneumonia with generic veterinary doxycycline, so it's available here...


the more things change the more they stay the same: From Librivox; The Abominations of Modern Society.

they also have a translation of the travels of Coronado...

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