Friday, June 21, 2013

Stuff around the net

Were the original Irish settlers snail eating Basques?


LOL CAT: Ahora in Espanol:

I stand corrected:
In the original TV series, Khan had dark hair:

In the Movie, the Original Khan has grey hair.

related item: Who was the real Professor Moriarty?

The violence in Northern Ireland has to do with a couple hundred years of religious discrimination and massacres ..

So who does Obama blame for the "troubles"? Catholic schools.

Yes, and the potato famine was due to GM potatoes...


Rand Paul was right?


Your tax dollars at work: putting Buddha's heads into violent areas to cut crime.


CDC report on home made chemical bomb injuries.

actually, most of these seem to be someone mixing drain cleaner or a similar chemical with bleach, or chem lab experiments in schools gone wrong...the report doesn't include real bombs.


Musings about Plan B on my Xanga Blog.

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