Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Audio for grandmoms

I tend to love audiobooks, but can no longer afford to buy them from Audible, as I used to do in the USA, so have been stuck listening to podcasts, Librivox, or mp3 rips of university lectures.

The problem is that our room is on the shady side of the house, so reading is hard on the eyes (as is reading from my laptop or even my small tablet).

I tried the "daisy" type audio, but it meant converting something to my Word program then ripping it as a daisy. Adobe reads your books fine also, but only works on my laptop while the laptop is working (not during brownouts or storms, and not when doing chores or jogging).
The daisy programs to rip into mp3 cost money, so I eventually gave it up.

But now CNet has a download for free: Balabolka.

so far it works fine...

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