Friday, July 05, 2013

Happy Philippine American Friendship day!

We don't celebrate the 4th of July here...yes, it is the anniversary of the Philippines independence from the USA, but the proud nationalist decided to move Independence day to the day the elites declared their independence from Spain.

Part of this is a love/hate relationship with the USA. The universities teach liberation theology, green religion, and Chomsky like anti Americanism, but the growing middle class tends to be Protestant, and have roots with the Bible Belt culture.

Take my husband: His original name was that of a nationalist, since this area and his family was part of the uprising for independence, but once the Japanese invaded and really pushed people around, they up and joined the anti Japanese insurgency.

What has really saved this country was the reform of the schools, so that blue collar/industrial training was considered a way to get ahead, not just academic fluff. So Pinoys are running hospitals and businesses in all the world's trouble spots.

The nationalist managed to shut down Subic and Clark, which are now industrial zones and private enterprise areas, but one result is the Chinese decided they own the South China/WEST PHILIPPINE Sea (an area run by Chinese pirates under the imperial system, but never mind). So now there is talk of not just allowing US ships to visit, but to reopen the bases as bases, and letting the US and Japan station their ships there.

why Japan? well, the Chinese are also pushing them around...

For all the talk of "the pivot to Asia" by Obama, no one actually believes he will do didley squat to upset China.

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