Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Headlines below the fold

There was a major train disaster in Canada, but no one wants to notice that transporting oil via trains on ancient railroad tracks might be more dangerous than a pipeline.

Chinese ground to air missiles are going to the bad guys, but never mind.

you know, maybe Nukes in Iran would be safer than letting these nuts get hold of modern weapons: The Iranian mullahs love money and won't really start a war with Israel because they really don't want to be martyrs: which is why they got rid of their nut case leader.

Israel deflects the propaganda from their enemies with the truth.

The bad news? The truth won't protect you from lies in French courts.


and the really bad news? The "hard news" stories are biased to support the regieme in power.

Yes, the press continues to be upset that the facts don't agree with their rush to judgement about the white racist who killed an innocent teenager,

but that doesn't mean they notice the killing of black teenagers if they can't be used to spin the narrative:
CNN Headline in June;
For Chicago, 7 weekend homicides represent progress 

and, of course, when a prominent Democrat and ex governor is caught in a "mistake" that resulted in 1.6 billion dollars to be "missing" from the bank accounts of ordinary folks a couple billion, well, don't expect any outcry against him when the big shot isn't indicted. More HERE.

what Father Z calls the "magesterium of nuns" in the Catholic health association has continued to obey Obama, not God, in paying for contraception.

The Obama rules are a shell game, not reality, but never mind. Must be politically correct...

and who made this decision? A few leftists at the top....just like the AAFP and the AMA supported obamacare over the wishes of their members.

Which is why the AMA is dropping members for years, and I'm thinking of dropping the AAFP next. They don't even bother to answer my letters protesting their decisions.

but the press won't notice, any more than they noticed the Pricilla nuns dancing in adoration before the their new age guru...

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