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Rant alert: Stories below the fold

Is the Egyptian military crackdown on the Muslim brotherhood because the military is evil, or because the MB/Morsi supporters have been terrorizing civilians?

Don't ask me: but I don't expect the press to notice such things.


I found it interesting that the "two minute hate" on facebook yesterday was against Rush for being anti woman and Islamophobic: apparently he mentioned that Huma is a Muslim brotherhood plant, and he mentioned she is trying to save her marriage because she is a "good Muslim"...

 Actually, Rush is being kind: the alternative scenerio is that she is staying with him because she is politically ambitious, similar to the actions of Hillary and Ariana Huffington, both of whom married to further their own political ambitions. Although Ariana did divorce her gay husband after he lost the election and came out of the closet, Hillary still pretends to love Bill..(.poor Bill...stuck in a political marriage to help his ambitious wife who is never at home)...

and the left is saying it is a smear to claim she has ties with the Muslim brotherhood, but the partisan but accurate National Review has details. 

So why is the left busy hating Rush for mentioning her pro jihadi friends? Roger Kimbell explains here.

All of this is bad news for Hillary, who should have been president (if Obama's far left minions hadn't taken over the caucuses in the primary season)...

Hillary's link to Benghazi already has put her "3 o'clock phone call" scenerio at risk: knowing her "close friendship" with Huma might mean she is being influenced by a jihadi front could result in a real scandal, but of course not one that will make headlines...

sigh. She's be a good president, but her embrace of lies to kowtow to the far left in the Democratic party is a big means she won't pivot to the center, and will abandon the working class Democrats that were her main supporters... can you remember the phrase "Regan democrats", children?

Related item:
There are many causes of the depression (over politics) — the mounting debt, the chronic deficits, the serially high unemployment, the weak growth in the economy, the up and down housing market — but surely one catalyst is the sense that we increasingly are all living in an alternate universe, one of nodding “yes” when we know the opposite to be true.
Infinite Wisdom
"To fight and conquer in all your battles is not supreme excellence; supreme excellence exists in breaking your enemy’s resistance without fighting."
--Sun Tzu


related item: Manning was not a traitor, but was convicted of lesser charges.
Instapundit notes that he released the personal information on a lot of troops..

if this got in the wrong hands, it could mean terror against soldier's families, or use it black mail, a la "StarTrek into Darkness".

Instapundit also remarks:
The most damning piece of news he got out was that we entrust secrets to idiots like him. I’m sure they’ll do better with your healthcare information. 


StrategyPage has a discussion of how military intelligence uses similar data bases against jihadi types. The title of the piece  says it all: "If we own your data, we own your ass".

The problem is not using data against the dangerous: The danger is that the NSA considers everyone the enemy: like the TSA at airports, they have to treat everyone the same so they aren't accused of profiling.

In medicine, we are told: When you hear hoofbeats, think horses, not zebras", but that is not allowed in the PC world of big government.

Which is why Lolo gets his luggage searched and the family jewels patted down in the airports... after all, there are so many 80 year old deaf PhilAm physicians who are terrorists...

Related item: Government is planning to use psychological manipulation to "nudge" you to do the right thing.

So what else is new? Big business already does that with advertisements, as anyone buying at Amazon already knows, and I get "suggested" videos all the time from Youtube.

Yes, but will gov't now use their database to do this? You know: Your medical records say you are overweight, so you get 40 emails telling you about healthy eating...

The schools already have federal "resource officers"
For students with a mental illness, use of drugs or alcohol can be a key risk factor for committing acts of violence. Recent research shows that those with a severe mental illness and a substance use disorder have a greatly increased relative risk for violence (more than 11 times) compared to those with neither diagnosis.  Since SROs can help infuse substance abuse and violence-prevention messaging in schools and throughout school systems, they can play an important role in school safety plans.
 one right wing wag posted this photo about the program:

Semi related item:

GReynolds column in USA today about the war against women:
 in the press, an isolated remark by a Republican candidate or radio host is treated as representative of the entire party. The behavior of these Democratic officeholders and candidates, on the other hand, is treated as an isolated incident -- and in many of the national media reports regarding Filner, his party affiliation is omitted, or not mentioned until paragraph 12.
 the San Diego press even admitted they knew about the story of their mayor, but covered it up.

This is nothing new: Reminds me of the JFK coverup...I mean, Jackie even left him at one point (and took refuge with her sister on Onassis boat to think about it)...Yet the sexual shenanigans of all the Kennedys was open knowledge for many years in Massachusetts (A retired union organizer told me some stories when I lived there in the 1970's), and there were several remarks by Cardinal Cushing of Boston that hinted about what was going on...

and of course, sex is not limited to Democrats: look at Nelson Rockefeller. But what is disturbing is the coverup and spin for those who are "on the side of the angels"....

The UKGuardian, speaking truth to power:

Sex addiction? Sorry, chaps, it's just plain old lust

Scientists no longer believe the condition exists, which is bad news for US politician Anthony Weiner and his ilk

China has repainted their naval boats white, so they can claim that the heavily armed boats harassing Pinoy fishermen are merely "civilian" craft.

and the article hints on the real reason for the sea grab: petroleum deposits and the ability to block the sea lanes.

Ah, but if you do a "google", most articles don't mention that the Chinese "coast guard" is pushing around local fishemen: instead the news articles are full of accusations that the Philippine navy are "pirates".

Either the Chinese have told the press how to spin the story, or someone noticed a small "gift" will get you off the hook for illegal fishing or stealing endangered species, so they are spinning that as proof that the Philippines is evil (and therefore not entitled to keep their traditional fishing grounds).

Will Fracking lead to the decline of jihadi supporting states?

the US fracking industry is a game changer...

and just wait until China starts fracking....
"The model for China's anticipated success is the US shale gas sector," the article states. "Geologists estimate the nation's recoverable reserves at about 25 trillion cubic meters, on par with the United States."

and it could replace the coal that is causing major pollution problems in Chinese cities...

but in the US/UK, the greens are opposing it, of course, even though it would lower greenhouse gases, because their long term goal is green energy...


CIC at StrategyPage has the factoid of the day: Hitler was cleared of killing his niece Gelli because of a convenient speeding ticket.

Factoid of the day take two: Doing good improves your immune system.


News you can use:

Is your dog happy to see you? Check his eyebrows...

except wikipedia says dogs do not have eyebrows...

While dogs don't have actual eyebrows,[citation needed] they do have a distinctive ridge above their eyes, and some breeds, like the Labrador Retriever, Rottweiler, Bernese Mountain Dog, German Shepherd, and Doberman have markings there. A dog's eyebrow movements usually express a similar emotion to that of a human's eyebrow movements. Raised eyebrows suggest interest, lowered brows suggest uncertainty or mild anger, and one eyebrow up suggests bewilderment. Eyes narrowed to slits indicate affection for the person or animal the dog is looking at

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