Tuesday, July 16, 2013

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the latest scandal: Turkish flour is being dumped here at half the price it sells for in Turkey.

it's being dumped in Indonesia too...

this report shows a huge increase in exports to Indonesia and the Philippines in the past few years.

Such practices destroyed local industry and farms, but usually it's China pulling these kind of stunts.

in other news, more on the fake NGO scandals.
money for poor farmers diverted to bigshots' pockets.
and the whistleblower is arrested, not the bigshots.


Pacific Rim is getting good reviews and might actually make money, unlike the other "blockbusters" that Hollywood has tried to push.

News you can use: Britons have more sex in August than any other month.

Something to do with testosterone levels.


For all the talk about homicide, no one seems to be discussing the actual statistics. I review the CDC report here.
including the graph that shows the fact that no one wants to notice.


I agree with TalkLeft:
the story was hyped by the press to get ratings, and if it causes riots, well all the better for ratings (and revenue), not to mention deliberate astroturfing....

The real lessons are ignored: that if Zimmerman wasn't allowed to carry a handgun, Martin would be alive today and out on bail (and Zimmerman recovering from major head injuries in a rehab center).

and of course the police were doing their job

Racism is alive and well, but usually the press stays quiet on the real racial attacks on students.

compare and contrastLINK 2
and then there is this.


This week's StrategyPage podcast is about Egypt, but they also begin their discussion with the problem of corruption, and note corruption has increased in the US in recent years.
this older podcast discusses the battle of Gettysburg.

The "Liverpool pathway" was supposed to be about pain control in those dying of cancer, but quickly morphed into a quick and legal way for medical personnel to kill patients they deemed as needing to die (as many as 60 thousand of the 130 thousand people it was used on were given this "treatment" against the wishes of the patient and their families). UKMail report here and yes, there is a money connection:

We also revealed how some hospitals were being paid six-figure ‘bribes’ to meet targets about the numbers of patients on the LCP – leading to fears that doctors were put under pressure to use the pathway.
Dog story of the day: Bulldog Skateboarding school opens in Peru.

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