Monday, August 12, 2013

Family news

Another Day, another typhoon/storm.

We are under signal 2...heavy rains started yesterday at 5 pm and have been going on all night.

Chano and family got home about 10:30 safely. He brought us pizza, and since Lolo was awake, we had a late night snack.

The dogs slept here, and the kitten is still alive and mewing so I had to feed her twice during the night.

The roof no longer leaks over the sink, but is now leaking in the top, where we have a ventillation roof and skylight. Sigh. Will have to putty it closed when it stops raining.

The pump is overworking: Either there is a leaking pipe or one of the faucets was left open. Sigh. We have our own water pump...
the good news is that so far no major brownouts. Give it time...

Leo's funeral is scheduled for Thursday.

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