Thursday, August 29, 2013


The Japanese English Language news on TV is against Obama's war on Syria, saying that the evidence is just not clear enough.

We are getting our news from NHK since right now the cable is shifting channels and the BBC is off line, and CNN International is full of Brits who sneer at the US, including the British queen caught with his pants down in Central Park, and the British twit who took over from Larry King... (the exception: Anderson Cooper: He's a professional and the best reporter on the network).

Military pundits on the net are divided: even those who say it was Assad who gassed his own people note that throwing a few smart bombs won't solve much this late in the game, and say if the 'rebels' win, the result might be sharia and religious persecution that makes Egypt look like a picnic (note earlier link about the Shiite mosques destroyed).

And the Diplomad remembers when it was an open secret that Saddam sent his WMD to Syria 

Russia defends the local Orthodox, and Iran will defend the local Shiites, if for no other reason than religious solidarity, meaning Obama is defending....uh, Alqaeda?

Luckily, we are in the Philippines, and with Obama looking like a "paper tiger" (to use a phrase from the cold war) we are alone trying to defend our coastlines, no matter how much the US talks, no one here believes they would do anything "rash", like defend us, and StrategyPage agrees.

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