Thursday, August 15, 2013

Headlines below the fold

The two minute hate on Facebook today is about some family who left the USA on a boat because they were unhappy with the cultural collapse had to be rescued, thereby proving that the 40 percent of Americans who are "born again" are idiots...

This is a "strawman" argument and proving that logic is not an option.

Drudge has a link to a NYTimes story about the Clinton foundation's financial hanky panky.

heh. UKTelegraph wag asks if the NYTimes has hired limbaugh as an editorial writer.

Nothing new, of course... Heck, the "fictional" treatment of the Rose Law firm's hanky panky even was made into a film...

Aston Kutchner, workaholic?

Now, if I only knew who Aston Kutchner was...

Hah. the rigthwing Gateway pundit notes that Oprah was buying an alligatorskin handbag, but she is a darling of the PETA crowd.

Yeah. The PETA crowd loves to spend money to fly their white bimbos to Manila to get naked and "demonstrate" against eating animals and fish, ignoring the street kids suffering from protein malnutrition ...

BBC reports that the London Morgan Chase traders who lost 6.2 billion have been indicted.

Guess they didn't have enough political connections to get off, or else they are scapegoats for the real criminals.

JP Morgan boss Jamie Dimon said at the time of the loss in May 2012 that the trade was "the stupidest and most-embarrassing situation I have ever been a part of".
Mr Dimon has not been charged with any wrongdoing.

one blog asked if people download from places like HBO (e.g. Game of Thrones) does that make them more likely to pay for HBO?

Uh, I have HBO but download what I want to watch anyway.
Blame the IPads...

The problem is trying to watch programs that are on when you can't sit and watch them. In the "good old days" I would set my video recorder to do that, but now we have a DVD recorder, and cable without TIVO or any other way to record the program.

Another problem: what if you want to watch the program on your tablet, not on the TV, while your spouse watches the news, or wants to sleep? Or because your spouse dislikes these shows?

And no, I don't like Game of Thrones...too many dead.

Tablets are replacing those bulky maps and manuals in many places, including for the military...

via TeaAtTrianon: The Banshee story of the day 


Vaccination of high risk groups stop meningitis outbreak.

No, not an STD...we see outbreaks in college kids and the military and anywhere people are in close contact.

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