Saturday, August 17, 2013

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Huh? He still uses film and develops it in a darkroom?


It's now official: Area 51 does exist.


Big Ideas (australia) interviews Arlo Guthrie.


Skyfall and the Hobbit kept MGM from bankruptcy

UhOh: Those computer run homes might not be such a good idea....

Cloud computing for dummies...

'Cloud Computing' is a somewhat nebulous term to describe users 'renting' or borrowing online software software instead of actually purchasing and installing it on their own computers. It is the same business model as people using Gmail or Yahoo mail services, except that cloud computing goes much further and includes daily computing activities.
heh. Here in Asia, if you buy software, it's usually pirated...and when you actually buy it, often after a month it expires and you have to really buy it, because it is a trial version. Often if you buy at a larger store, they will give you a key to run it anyway.

and now, you can put all your files on line, so that it's easier for the NSA or the pirate cops to check it out.
Yup. I'm a dummy: I put everything on disks,  although I did put my Tagalog stuff on Google disk, so I can access it to my tablet.

Are student loans stopping kids from starting their own businesses?

well, one reason I could become a missionary is that I got a scholarship and a small loan via the Great Society program and could pay it back quickly. Now docs are left with huge loans and although some programs of working in poor areas will "forgive" part of the loan, it's still hard to get it paid back and start a family, especially since HMO's etc don't pay well. Yes, I worked in poor areas, but I wouldn't work for the IHS when I had kids, because the schools on the reservations were inferior...

hopefully, on line classes might help lower the costs...

another ferry accident near Cebu (not near here: we live inland). Lots are still missing, suspected dead.


yes, they use drones in the Philippines "for special cases"... to spy, not to kill...

don't know if they are spying on the Chinese poachers or the Abus who have imported Indoy bombmakers and making life miserable and dangerous in the south.

No, I haven't spotted any drones, but there is a small aircraft flying over once or twice a day, probably a local using Visual flight rules (we are near the highway).

Nothing new on the recent hit job in town, but supposedly the hit man was from Santa Cruz and stole the getaway car. And the baby who was shot died, making the total four dead...

Are Americans isolationists now?

cue to film:


And if you think Oprah has it bad, Dave Barry links to this headline:

NYC Hotel Kicks Out ‘Duck Dynasty’ Star After Confusing Him For Homeless Man

Read more here:

and yes, that show is on our cable...

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